Why is it that your loved one with Alzheimer’s and Dementia can temporarily speak perfectly when they get scared or alarmed?

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I have noticed that my mom who speaks jibberis most of the time, will swear perfectly when she loses her balance or gets angry. I am wondering if this has something to do with adrenalin. If so, I would like to notify AD Association for research. My girlfriend who's mother also had Alz., also noticed this with her mother. Please respond. If there is something to this, we need to make sure researchers know. Thanks everyone!!

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What I have noticed over the years is that social setting words and cues stay intact through most if not all the disease process. It may also include when they become scared or alarmed. With that said you never know. I would still contact the Alzehimer's Association to see if reserachers have looked at adreline being released and the outcomes with these studies if any. Wishing you strength, courage and happiness with those in their days gone by.
I should have also mentioned that it is not always swearing, it can be other words as well. They are just suddenly clear as day!

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