My mom’s rehabilitation center wants to move her to assisted living facility. Is an assisted living facility the right place is she has multiple health problems and can’t walk?

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Not sure who to trust and feel kinda at a loss for words right now...

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Hugs to you, dear. This is a blow.
Ask for all of her most current evaluations by the OT, PT, and doctors. Then check to see if they are accurate: That would mean that your mother can meet the expected tasks more than one or two times. She should be able to demonstrate the behavior almost every time.Demand to know how the assisted living center can meet her needs. Once I started becoming aggressive with my questions ( in a kind but firm voice), my father's options for placement changed. You have the right to find the correct place for your mom's needs. I hope you can find an elder care attorney for help. One brief letter might stop everything. Your post makes me wish I had gone on to law school instead of being a teacher. Our parents should not have to fight for their needs and rights. I am glad you are aware of your mother's needs. Best wishes. Rebecca

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