Who could we contact about friend's elderly mother living in a car when she has a nice home but refuses to live in it?

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My husband has a friend who's Mother in law lives in her car! No she is not homeless, they have a nice home and even rented her an apartment. Mother in law refuses to live anywhere else. Then she disappears for a few days. Friend of husbands says they can't do anything for her, she is competent. I was shocked. What or who could these people contact about this woman's behavior? Just doesn't seem right to me.

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Adult protective services? I wouldn't take the husband's word she is competent if he accepts this behavior, he probably ain't all there himself.
Oh he is all there, but has had many, many years of her nonsense. Still something wrong here. My husband just shakes his head. I would bet someone will eventually call adult protective services. I agree adult protective services should be called.
Please contact your local Area Agency on Aging, they will investigate the situation and can really help out. Good luck, this seems like a bad situation :(
I used to see a woman with long brown hair, walking the streets around here CONSTANTLY. I mean this young woman would walk at all hours of the day and night, never stopping. Someone said that she lived under the house porch where her husband and kids lived. That part I couldn't swear to though, but she was mentally ill I do know that. Someone must have finally done something because after years of walking she disappeared. Not long ago though I saw a woman with long gray hair walking slowly down the same streets and wondered if it was her.

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