My husband is having trouble making his thoughts clear. Is this an early warning of dementia?

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My husband is 70 years old with diabetes and high blood pressure.

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Have you spoke to the doctor, yet? I recently read an article online about diabetes and an increased risk of Alz/Dementia. The article was about research being done linking the two. But its just research.

Are you noticing any other changes in him? I would make notes of things and discuss with his doctor. My grandmother is 94 and gets tongue-tied easy and sometimes gets words confused, she doesn't have dementia. My grandma is more sane than I am. The doctor says it older age.

How long has this been going on? Is somedays worse than others? When you notice his speech how is his blood sugar? The reason I am asking is my husband is 36yrs old and is a severe diabetic with high blood pressure. I have personally noticed that when my spouse's blood sugar spikes his words can be garbled not making too much sense clearly. His speech will become slow like he is finding the words in his head to talk. And he will become forgetful short-term wise.As well as he will see things that are not there like hallucinations. But once the insulin starts working he will become himself again. For me this is scary as I am taking care of my mother with dementia.

Again, speak with you doctor before you worry. Dementia/Alz runs on my mother's fathers side of the family. So, it can be scary when you see symptoms like that.
Thank you. He does not take medication for his diabetes, but perhaps when his sugar is high he has this problem. I will talk to the doctor, though.
there are numerous reasons that he may be having confusion/memory issues, but the 'difficulty in making his thoughts clear' tells me that he may have had a possible stroke. definitely have him seen by a doc immediately. my hubby had two strokes within two weeks of each other, both massive. he survived (barely) and is now able to walk, talk, and use his hands fairly well. BUT, he'd had the strokes while in the hosp, and was treated immediately.

Also, it could be sepsis, which causes all kinds of issues with the brain. That's when a simple infection gets into the blood. Both my hubby and mother suffer from that now and then. Again, it can be life threatening if not treated.

So let the doc see him, and you can at least understand what it is, rather than trying to guess. Some things can have treatment (like sepsis) that can clear up the brain issues. Some things are more difficult, but nothing is ever hopeless. :D

Good luck, and get him in to the doc asap.
Thank you.

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