My mother is so depressed that she has started to drink to help her sleep. I'm finding it very hard to leave her at night - how can I cope with this?

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I dont now how to cope, my mum is so depressed. I'm finding it hard to leave her at night. She has started to drink to help her sleep

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She could be helped by the right medications. If she is self-medicating with alcohol (not unusual), she really needs to see a doctor. Alcohol is a depressant. There is help for depression, but a doctor must prescribe it. Please get help for her sake and yours.

Take her to the doctor,my mom had to be placed on meds for her depression,once the doctors evaluated the situation he felt that she not only needed depression meds but that she required addl meds to assist her in memory as well. It's hard to not feel lost when your dealing with this, but continue to stay in touch so that you can have an outlet to vent and get valuable information as well Take Care God Bless:)
Please step in and get her help from a dr. My mom started drinking to escape her depression and it ended up consuming her life and ultimately almost killed her. She has physical and mental damage from her drinking. She lost everything because of alcohol. Get her help before things get out of control. Bless you both.
I agree with Alena, you have to be tough and take her to the doctor, worse case she may get combative and you may have to call police in to assist and they may have you call ambulance to have her admitted to hospital which will be the best thing cause there they will evaluate not only her abuse of alcohol but her mental status as well. She may not not be happy with you at the time but it WILL be the best thing you have ever done for your mom as well as for yourself.
There are all kinds of people out in our world that use reasons for drinking. One drink, can be harmful for someone who has medical problems. therre are people out there that can three drinks act normal, and some who act like a nut. I am in a marriage with one of those kin of people. my mom who just passed away from Alzheimers/Dementia, came from a family that were all drunks but she took pills. My own father sat in a chair and drank until he passed out. He died of his liver not working. I can remember as a little child asking mommie why are you taking all those blue and black pills. I only know that sometimes drinking or over use of medicine can harm the body later on in life. My mother never drank. At a older age a little drink can make a person fall and hurt them self. I myself do not drink at home only if I go out to a weeding or a special dinner. Sit down with mom and ask her why the drinking helps her sleep and maybe you can make a doctor's appointment. Drepression is a sign of many things. may god look over you and help you out. patrica61

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