What are some ways we can keep the elastic socks up on papa's legs?

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Any suggestions on keeping up the elastic socks/"ted" hose UP on Papa's legs? They are already the smallest on the calf that we can order and still fit his feet. They are the open toe style.

I am trying to use silk tape and Coban to keep them up by using them on the outside, half on the sock and half on the skin; mixed results - they sorta stay up. Today I tried the Coban on the leg and put the elastic sock over it - we'll see what happens.

Papa's skin is extremely fragile and I cannot use regular/paper tape on it.

ANY ideas are welcome.



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The men's section of a good department store should have garters for men's socks. Made of elastic, they sit below the knee and should be adjustable to the length of the socks. Not too attractive with shorts, but beats them falling down! Good luck.
If you talked to someone in the company they might be able to get you the size you need-garters sound like the best idea.
I remember when I had to wear knee socks in school, I put a rubber band at the top and just folded the top down over it.
I will have to try the gaiters, I had thought of them. I am concerned about the tightness and thin line of elastic, but I might try that as well.

Thank You for the ideas! Oh yeah, he is down to 108 pounds now...I can see every rib...

My mom died a few months ago, but it wasn't necessarily the cancer that killed her. She starved to death basically. Now I know the cancer was at fault for her not eating, but I never would have thought I'd see someone die of malnutrition. It was awful. God was gracious in not letting her stay like that but just a few days. Thank you Lord.
I have found an answer for now for the falling sock problem: 4" vet wrap! It is like Coban but much less expensive (4" x 5 yards for $2.10) and comes in great colors. I put in on over the elastic socks so the vet wrap is 1/2 on his legs and 1/2 on his socks. So far so good, 3 days and it is working. I can sometimes reuse the previous days wrap but usually not, it wrinkles and I don't like to put something wrinkled on his legs. They wrinkle enough on their own.

I mentioned gaiters to Papa and his reaction was, well, barely printable. He has a mind of his own!

Take care, all. And hang in there.

Yipee! The Coban like stuff, Sure Flex works beautifully! His elastic socks stay up, and no red marks from too much pressure. Whew! One problem solved, another problem sure to come along as his condition changes.

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