Does Medicare help pay for hearing aids?

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Medicare Part B may pay a certain amount. That comes with a premium, but most people with Medicare carry it, as Medicare Part A is more of a "catastrophic" insurance. Also, if there is a supplimentary policy, some of the cost that Part B doesn't cover may be absorbed. You need to check all of the Medicare policies and also with the company you deal with for the hearing aids so that you are sure they accept Medicare payments.
I have been tested and told I need hearing aids. My husband and I are retired and can not afford $7000 for hearing aids for me. Is there any financial help. We have Medicare & a secondary insurance company. But have been told there is no help. Please reply. Thank you, Jacquelly H.
Medicare usually does not pay; Medicaid does
I went to Google and typed in "hearing aid payment assistance in _____" (enter your town or state) and right away got 7 non profit groups that at the minimum will cover 80%, some even 100% for those who qualify. Good Luck
It was the same for us Jesse Belle. Covered the testing but not the hearing aid.
Knights of Columbus have a very good program though.
When my father got his hearing aid, we went to a medical ear clinic for him to be tested. Medicare (Blue Advantage) covered the cost of the testing by the clinic, but did not cover the cost of the hearing aid itself. If I remember correctly, it also didn't cover the cost of the audiologist -- not sure about this.
My father has Medicare and Medicaid, do they cover hearing aids cost
Will Medicare and Medicaid which my father has both cover costs for a hearing aid ?
Medicaid does.
You can try to get "care credit' through your audiologist. How can they not help you?
Or, offer to make payments monthly.
There is an organization called "Hearing Loss Association for America." Go to their website and ask questions. Keep asking until it happens. Good Luck.

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