Does medicare help pay for elder care at home?

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Just need somone who can go and check on mom a few days a week she lives alone out in the country about 25 miles from town. She no longer can drive to town family visits several times a week. She recently fell down and luckly she was able to get up and was okay my worry is if she would have not been able to get up she maybe would have not been found for days.

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Medicare pays for very little in-home care...mostly after a hospital stay and even then it is just for a few weeks.
If your mother or father was a veteran, and if your mom qualifies by income and need, there are some funds for in-home care.
You may want to consider getting her a medic alert system. I like the ones that have a speaker right in the pendant so she does not have to shout across the room into a tabletop speaker.
Other than that, you could hire a caregiver privately or through an agency to check on her. It would be good for her to have the interaction and you to have the peace of mind.
good luck
Lilliput has excellent suggestions. The medic alert button is a wonderful invention.

After my mother fell, Medicare paid for physical therapists to go to her as long as she was making improvements. I can't remember if her insurance picked up any of that cost, but I don't think so. Not only did the therapists help her regain the ability to walk unassisted, they were great company for her and were most encouraging to her.
I second others' comments about the alert systems- a great invention. Also, I was recently able to get some subsidized assistance for my mom through our state's Elder Affairs office ( I live in MA). Because of my mom's income level and daily needs, they are paying for a companion to come in once a week and help her and they are also paying for her to go to an adult day program another day. It might be worth it for you to check out any agencies in your state that may offer these state-level subsidies to elderly residents. Good luck to you!

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