Does intergenerational day care seem like a good idea, or not? Why or why not? Personal opinions are requested.

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good question, greencandy...

my mom is the youngest at her day care. she might not be the most mobile, but she is the most lucid. what my mom was faced with, in the first few MONTHS, was facing her future.. this was VERY hard for her poor thing..

what she started to understand was that its not a bunch of far gone people sitting around and staring at the floor and drooling. at the daycare, there is something for everyone. if there is an activity she doesnt want to participate in.. she doesnt have too.. they actually gave my mom jobs to do around the daycare.. and they always look to my mom to be "the greeter" with new people. they tailored her time spent at the daycare and she enjoys it SO much!

so i would have to say.. its not about age of the participants, but the activities that are offered.
I am working now on getting my mom to agree to go to a center during the day. The one I picked is intergenerational. It not only has people of all ages with varying degrees of disabilities, it also has child care that anyone can go to. During the day, the children and adults are integrated during different time, like art class. The adults who are able can also sign up to spend 20 minutes in the infant day care rocking the babies. I love this! I think mixing the children and adults together teaches the children a lot and keeps things upbeat and fun for the adults.
Thank you for your input, and the wonderful details about your mother's recreation center. I hope she agrees and truly enjoys her days. I also hope this is an idea that becomes standard by the time it's my turn to need daytime care.
I think it depends on the person. Little kids make my mom kind of anxious. I guess what matters is what that person would enjoy. I would love to use day care for my mom but she needs to lay down a lot and the ones here don't have beds.

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