Does anyone know of any caregivers that are getting paid $21.56/hr through Social Security?

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I haven't heard of this. Anyone out there?
not even in your be sure to let us all know...where did you think you found out about this? it would help if we could just start collecting our own ss early or get full benefits instead of partial...or have Medicare...
I - personally - have paid care givers $20 an hour to help my Mom but that's for skilled CNA with years of experience who was willing to stay during the night - she was also willing to do some housekeeping as Mom was sleeping so she was worth every penny! I've also hired aides through "home health" agencies or elder care firms, I paid $18 per hour but the aide made only minimum wage - a travestly in my opinion! The management of these companies is NOT worth $10-12 an hour!! They are simply taking advantage and should put more $$ into training their people.

I must wonder why you're asking. If someone's telling you they want this much to help you and basing that rate on social security "payments", it's just not true. Social Security doesn't pay anyone like this. Medicare DOES cover medical expenses but does not pay care givers for in home assistance. I suggest you check with someone local to under stand what's possible within your state. Look in your phone book for Area Agency on Aging and tell them you need help finding a care giver.
Good luck to you!
I assumed the question was along the lines of "can I get paid by SS to be caregiver"...that was the slant of my answer above. However, you are also right. The nearest to what you are talking about that I can think of is a paid caregiver benefit, is the Veteran's program for aid and assistance to hire outside caregiver. There are some articles and discussion of this on this site. Here's one link

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