Does anyone know if there are places where you can get info on inexpensive assisted living? 92 year old mom has very little income.

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Regarding income, she may actually qualify for an increase in her SSI income through Medi-Cal (Medicaid for those of you outside California).

Contact the National Long-Term Care Ombudsman - or look for more information at

Also, did you know that your mom can request social security income from your Dad's ss#? It may increase her benefits - assuming that your father is no longer in the picture. If she's been married more than once, you can review all options and decide which one you'd like to receive (in lieu of her own SS income).

Finding afforable assisted living services won't be easy. If you cannot find an outside source, consider home-care, with the assistance coming to your mom. If this isn't workable, perhaps you can find someone who would be willing to live-in with your mom? Someone who could assist with care for room and board? Figure out what will work for you, then find the resources to make it happen. Good luck!

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