How do you treat adult diaper rash?

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I shower my mother once a day, and she actually uses Pads. She does not wear diapers yet; she gets rash near her left side of her inner thigh near her vagina.
It comes and goes. Does anyone know how I can heal the rash and the keep it from coming back?

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I thouroughly wash my Moms buttocks and apply A & D Ointment, works very well for her, she did have a "raw" behind and this seems to work the best for her. She has improved over the past few months.
Thank you ever so much!
I have found using Walmart Adult Diaper Rash Oinment o be he bes. Ude it after every urine or bowel movement. Mom Never had a radh or bed sores
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Our nurse suggested calmoseptine. It works great
CALMOSEPTINE. It is OTC, but they may store it in pharmacy. Ask pharmacist first and save you the trouble of looking for it. It is that good.
Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. Funny name, but it really works. I've used it myself with excellent results. They have a website, but it is available at the store, too.
Desitin works great too!

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