Does anyone know at what score of mental exam I need to seek gaurdianship?

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I don't think the score would be the only criteria. It would factor in, but you'd need a doctor behind you with this.
Several people on this forum have guardianship. Hopefully, someone can give you more information so keep watching.
It definitely depends on circumstances. And yes, a physician can write for the need of guardianship, given substantial evidence. You can petition the court at any time, and they will have a guardian ad litem come out to investigate, and give the court their findings. Guardianship is a hard way to go, and POA is much better if you can go that route. Of coarse, everything depends on circumstances.
Thanks. We have a POA but her medical POA had to be on a doctors orders which we recieved without issue yesterday. In fact the doctor did not give us a choice. We are on the mend around here except for the fact that I have two children in select sports and we travel almost every weekend. Other then my mother-in-laws one friend who likes to be argumentative and try to make my mother-in-law believe that she should fight us we are in a great place. My heart broke when she was told she could no longer drive and that her independence is gone but we are leaning on GOD!
get poa - ask doctor to diagnose her - then go to soc. sec. office to become representative payee- they will call doc to confirm- then take it to to her bank- they will put you on the account and take it from there
We have all of that and my husband has been on all her accounts all of his life. My father-in-law prepared well. She didnt like it but now she seems thankful and all is well. We have the diagnosis, we have the statement enacting our Medical POA, we have POA and she is living with us. She called nursing homes today to schedule appointments, today is a good day but as you all know tom. could be completely different!

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