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My mother lives with me, and I do understand her not having all the things she once had in her home. That includes all the clothes!! Which by the way she could no longer wear. Well since moving into my home in her closest are things she can actually wear, but every day she is pulling clothes ou the closet, rearranging them and putting them back, Sometimes she pulls out everything!!!, hangs 3 to 4 pieces on a hanger and tieing them in knots. I always her why she doing this, she said I'm trying to get them arranged. I guess this should not bother me its just that when I tell her to get dressed we going out, I cant find anything matching or decent for her to put on. Every time I empty a tote she says she needs it to pack her hats or summer clothes, which I have already moved out of her room. Is this just something that goes with dementia or alzheimer? She does have advance dementia.

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my mom used to do the same thing would drive me crazy...put her "good" clothes in your closet and try not to let it bother you. good luck and hang in there...also have her fold clothes from the dryer for you..keep her busy...sounds like your mom is like mine, very independent..keep in touch and good luck to you!!
First i want to say that your mother is blessed to have you as a caregiver.
I think she must get great enjoyment from "playing" with her clothes the way she does. My mother has similar behavior with "important" papers. She sits in her room and sorts and re-sorts for hours. She has saved so many papers over the years, like my dad's check stubs from the 60's ! This may seem totally wasted time to me but I think it reminds her of days when there was more purpose to her life. The way I see it, is that it is harmless and brings her happiness so I don't make too much of it.
My mom is doing the same thing, we only moved in clothes that fit her and she wears, but she is now putting on anywhere from two to five shirts on at a time, two pairs of knee highs and can't figure out why her slippers hurt her feet. I do the same thing as Lucy, I giver the basket and ask her to fold her clothes. She can't remember where the chester-drawer is so I open the drawers and say this one is for your panties, bras, pj's etc. As long as I keep her busy, she seems to be fine. She peels potatoes, makes salads and generally helps me around the house. Stay with it and let go of your anger, you are making yourself sick with the emotional anger. Enjoy your time without getting upset. I have to wash bedding, floors and underwear every day because of the resistance to depends, so what, it is only material things. My mom is not a piece of material, she is my mom. Good luck. Vickie

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