Does any one here suffer from Fibromyalgia and have to care for a mother who has dementia ..Vascular dementia?

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I have fibromyalgia and other health problems and took care of my husband for years.I hope you have a good understanding rhumatologist who can find which meds work for you and you have help with the caregiving-do not neglect your own health if will make things worse for you if you do and try to give yourself s break and not try to do it all-the house does not have to be sqeaky clean and the dishes can pile up and if anyone offer to help you out-do not refuse like I did because after a while they will think she has it covered and is doing well while you are crying yourself to sleep at night -any time you feel the need to vent come here or write on my wall been there even though his problems were of different medicial areas it was hard-give yourself permission to not be perfect -no awards are given for killing yourself.
I don't know if this is what you have but I tell everyone my story just in case it could help them... I was in such bad pain that I could barely walk - all my joints hurt - especially my hips and lower back. My ankles, hands, and face were always swollen. I didn't have the energy to do much.

Then, I found out that I am intolerant/allergic to all grains - esp. wheat, rice, and corn. (noticed while on the Atkins diet that my pain went away) If I don't eat any - and I mean any - grains at all - my pain and swelling disappears - completely. The cravings the first three days after stopping are wicked. It took me many many relapses to realize the pain wasn't worth the pizza, french bread, cake, corn chips etc. Yet sometimes I just can't help it... I went to an Oktoberfest this weekend and had a dark beer and a Bratwurst on a roll - ok and an enormous pretzel ... I was in so much pain the next two days that I could barely stand up. I believe if I hadn't discovered my sensitivity to grains that I would be bedridden or walk with a cane - and I'm only in my early 40s. Since then I have seen articles on medical websites linking the two. Wish I'd known years ago...

Hope this helps!

TYSM FOr understanding. And you are right...I do try to keep the house so clean....There is hx there that no one understands but I have no problems in sharing it. It hurt me so badly I had a nervous break down over it...
When momma had a stroke, I sent her to the closest hospital I Could just to get help and then trasnferring her to the hospital she is used too....Before I could do much..The head of internal medicine came in and ask......" Who is Sharon?" looking up I said..I am why? He said..Good call She is having tia's...No one would have seen them if not looking..
Two days later I went in to see my mom with my daughter. HER BED WAS EMPTY. I got scared.....The nurses said...She is okay...We changed her room....Took me thru the nursing area of the floor into her room. there I found a nurse sitting with her..I smiled and said..Hello I am her daughter. Then the nurse came in and it was double the amount of meds momma ever took...When I asked what is that...She would not answer me. Momma of course being momma threw the meds on the floor....The nurse looked at me ..I explained I was her caregiver since her first by pass surg..and a pharm tech as well as a medical asst. She walks out.. A social worker comes in..takes me out of her room and tells me I had been accused of walking into my moms room the night before and slapping her and walking out. I had wittnesses on where i was...I was at home praying for her...They took me to court and never told me...Nonetheless I lost her to the state. It took me 16 months and 2 attys later to get her back...I did. Well now a social worker will show up here and there and look for reasons to take my mom so I feel if things are not just so so.....I will be accused of the same thing. My ex husband said...I will tell anyone..Yeah hit her mom....She will come unglued on you. Being an only child It is all up to me ...My dad is dead from cancer...
So that is why I asked...Because I have taught myself not to cry because of this....So I really show no emotion at all. But I love my mom or who my mom was...I have pictures of her out hopping that it will help her...It hasn't. But I keep going. But with the hurracaines going thru I hurt. And I Hurt badly. I do not complain but today I could not hardly eat I hurt so badly. My pain doc has it under control but stupid me stopped taking the medication until I need it....Now i have got to get it built back up in my system and it will help. I just have not had a flare like that in a long long time and omg....I would not take my own life but if God put his hand down then? I would have taken it gladly....Thanks for understanding about the dishes....I hate a dirty kitchen...Bathroom, clothes,,,etc....I love organization. but it is a small house i am renting and it looks cluttered and it isn't....But I am a pofectionest and it take a lot to stop me. So Ihank you for understanding. It helpped a lot...Thanks..and I will try what you said. My 28 year olds job is to go visiting....And mom stays home. I am so sick of it I could scream...But that would not help either....Hugs to you...BIG ONES TOO.....Cc aka Sharon
Yes it does....How ever you can type in fibromyalgia and read it. I would not wish this on even satin....It is horrible...I have not had a flare like this in forever...The way I explain it....Close your hand into a fist..TIGHT....Hold it that way for 5 mins. No cheating...Then try to open it....How does it feel? That is what I feel everyday.....It is like arthritis of the muscles.....If that makes sense....Hugs to you...Cc aka Sharon

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