Does Medicare pay for incontinence pads?

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I am almost 86 years old and I have a BIG problem with incontinance and having to pick up that big box at the store. I know Medical helps but not sure if Medicare does.

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In my state, the Medicaid waiver program does pay for these supplies. If going to the store is the problem you might be able to find a local supply company that will deliver to you for free.

Medical supplies of all kinds are covered by Medicare Part A, but only when you are a hospital or skilled nursing facility inpatient. Medicare Part B covers outpatient care; this includes "durable" medical equipment -- such as hospital beds, wheel chairs, walkers, and oxygen systems -- but not most medical supplies like adult diapers or pads
My mother is 85 years old and on a fixed income and she has to wear Poise pads day and night. Is there a program that will help her pay for these pads?
ladywic, I doubt there are any programs to pay for said supplies. Otherwise parents with babies and toddlers would be asking for help in paying for such items.
for inconentence,, can medicair pay for them
will medicaire pay for incontinence?
from Is my test, item or service covered?:

"Incontinence supplies & adult diapers
How often is it covered?
Medicare doesn't cover incontinence supplies or adult diapers."

So the short answer is "NO". You can go to and click on the button along the blue bar on the top called What Medicare Covers.

It is my understanding, although I have no personal experience with this, that if the person is on hospice, adult incontinence products are provided.
No. Medicare does not pay for incontinence supplies.

Medicaid does.

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