Do you have to apply for Medicaid in the county you live in or is it state you live in?

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Your going to have to call the Dept of Social Services (DSS) in your area.
You apply in the county/city where your local DSS is located
do you have to live in the county you apply for Medicaid in?
Kosmos - you've posted on a really old thread (2010) . Medicaid is managed by each state uniquely. Go to your states medicaid site - it will be a part of your states Dept of health & human services - to see how to apply.

For NH medicaid, my experience is that one is different than the mainstream medicaid programs like SNAP, TANF,etc. NH medicaid be done at the NH as they are already admitted or about to be admitted. Application submitted by NH along with their bill to the program. But you have to provide ALL the documents asked for by Medicaid. the NH can reviews the documents to determine IF they will take them as a "Medicaid pending" too.

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