Do Independent Living Facilities accept social security checks or Medicare for payment?

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I have heard that if an elderly person wants to move into a independant living facility that the persons social security check will be taken for payment? or Medicare? How true is that?

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As far as I know, there is never a circumstance where "...a person's Social Security check will be taken for payment" for anything.

Social Security is an entitlement benefit. It is income to you. It is up to you how you spend it. Sometimes when applying for public benefit programs an individual is required to spend their income on care first. In that case the individual may "assign" their Social Security benefit to a third party but that is a voluntary action in the process of application, not a seizure.
In other cases, Social Security benefits may actually be protected for the benefit of a spouse or a minor/disabled child when applying for benefits.

If you are a disabled vet looking for care assistance I urge you to look into non-service connected disability pensions called basic, homebound, and aid and attendance. The largest benefit being the last. You can find information at the VA website
Thanks, a person hears alot of "stuff" that isn,t true. Thats why it is best to get a get another opinion.
When we needed home care assistance after my husband came home from rehab we got very little help and were being pressured to get medicaide we were told if we had medicaide he would get assistance 5 days a week but I knew this was not true because om medicare we were suppose to get help for 4 hrs. three times a week and were lucky to get an hour once a week because of staffing-even though I had my own health problems I was just expected to be on my own-it would have been great to have had someone advise us like rsrobbins or even made aware that there were people who did this type of work-it would have made our quality of life at least bearable.
I think that what you heard is that they use their SS check to pay for their monthly expense of living at the facility. In the case of someone who is on Medicaid, their social security income is factored in, minus mandated living expenses, as a contribution to the total monthly cost. That is called Share of Cost.

It is actually simpler than it sounds. If they get $xxx per month and it costs them $xxx to live there, then they would deposit their check in their bank account and write a check to the facility..

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