Do I have the right to remove my mom from her house to live with her older daughter for safety reason

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I have a younger sister who trick my mom into moving into her house, my sister does not pay none of the bills at her house, less than six months of living in my mom has a warranty was issues to search house for weapons, and now my mom tells me that a judge in her county issue a restraining order for protect for her and my sister former boyfriend who has a history of stalker his last girlfriend, for safety reasons, if mom health becomes worsen, I do not want any health providers or myself being a target, I am a beneficiary provider for my mother when she is unable to take care of herself, and refuses to remove my sister from her house, I rather take care my mom at my place, is this legal to do to remove her from her own home, when I know my sister is depending on mom to take care of her selfish needs, can my sister stop me legally to remove my mom from her house?

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Who has power of attorney? Your sister sounds like she is placing your mother in danger and documentation seems to exist due to the restraining order. Try talking with social services and the judge or police.Could you tell your mother that you need her to stay with you for a while for a reason you can think of and then help the judge and county authorities remove your sister from your mom's home.? It is hard to be the reasonable caregiver ,but your mother is blessed to have you!
I agree with RLP. You need POA. Does your mom want to move? If so, then bring her to your house.

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