Did it ever cross our mind that we caregivers might be the first one to go six feet under and leave our parents helpless?


Can't help but sometimes feel that way. I have aged 40 years in the past 18 yrs of caring for my mom. I worry sometimes what if.

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Absolutely! ...and I've seen it happen. Care giving is one of the most stressful things we can do and we know stress leads to a host of health problems. It's especially hard because it's often a 24-7-365 situation where we get no break or respite. If a caregiver is concerned about this it's a good idea to see an attorney or get in contact with someone who could help your elder/loved one in your absence. One hour with an elder law attorney could save you a lot of stress and worry. You might also talk with your local Area Agency on Aging - there should be one in each county - to see if they have ombudsmen that can help make arrangements should something happen to you. If your elder/loved one is incapacitated and assigned a PoA to you, you might be able to name a replacement but it depends on the laws in your state. Good luck!
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Well, what if you get the flu or break your wrist or . . . 8 years caregiving, I've never been sick.
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