Could losing my wallet 5 years ago be the reason why my mother and I were victims of credit card fraud this year?

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My pocketbook was stolen in November of 1996. I immediately called the Police and filed a Police Report. I had everything in that pocketbook -- my checkbook, credit cards, driver's license, registration, keys to my apartment, my mother's house, my car, as well as my boyfriend's (now husband) whole set of keys. I notified the credit card cos, informed the bank and had to get a new license and registration from DMV. My pocketbook was never found and the only thing used immediately was an AT&T Calling card that I forgot I had in my pocketbook. Five years later my mother and I were the victims of credit card fraud, which I mentioned in this collumn before. Is it possible that one thing has to do with the other? Please give me your perspective on this as we're all still living this nightmare with no end in sight.

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This is awful for you. It's possible they are connected, however the credit cards would have had to be renewed, so it's hard to tell. I hope you are working with the police. It's a horribly long process. My heart goes out to you.
That's the problem -- since my pocketbook being stolen hapened so long ago (police and lawyer's words) nobody can find my file. Do you know of any way I can find my file myself?

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