What worked for other caregiving families that were having communication difficulties and differences in care-giving approaches?

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We share our mother's care in our homes-mostly between 3 sisters. Sometimes the stress and challenges can affect our relationships with each other and our spouses. What worked for others with communication difficulties and differences in care-giving approaches? Our mom is nearing the advanced stages of Alzheimer's and is now off of all memory meds because they don't help anymore. Thanks for your input.

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Mo, you did not mention if moving your Mom to an Alzheimer's care facility is a possiblity. If your Mother is in the advanced stages, she may need more care than all of you can provide.

One thing that you have going for you is that you have siblings who are willing to share the responsibilities...so many of us do not have that support.

My only suggestion is to take a break and do something for yourself when your Mother is with one of your other siblings. I do creative activities or visit with a friend and try not to think or talk about illness or caregiving. It gives me the energy to carry on.

Good luck.

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