Has anyone had a good result from using coconut oil in treating the symptoms of Alzheimers, dementia, or Parkinsons?

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My husband was cured of his dementia after taking coconut oil. I started him on it after watching a video of Dr. Mary Newport whose husband had Alzheimer's and was helped by taking the coconut oil. I started giving it to Bruce in place of butter and other oils.

The change started within 3 hours starting with clearer speech and thinking patterns, and within 2 months, taking him from a man who couldn't do anything for himself to someone who is back to normal. The tremors took about 3 months and were the last sign to leave.

I know that coconut oil may not help everyone, but I wonder if, in almost every instance, there is some food that could help the starving brain.

We call Bruce's recovery a miracle, but it was brought about by natural means. Are there others with similar stories?

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Carol: I think this is a very worthwhile topic. I am reposting my comment from the other thread:

Your experience was similar to that of Dr. Mary Newport, MD. Her husband had developed early stage Alz. and his doctors suggested placing him in a nursing home. She conducted research on certain fats and ketones. I am still sifting through the articles online, but find this promising....at least the side effects of coconut oil are minor...any excessive oil in the body would cause the same. Her husband received an immediate, positive response as well which was documented by medical testing.

A few years ago, scientist discovered a little village in Italy where people seemed to live long healthy lives. They found this astounding...no drug companies in the area, no FDA, no massive facilities for seniors with Alz. Researchers found that their remarkable health and longevity was due to diet, stress-free lifestyle, and clean environment. Duh! "...they seem to be able to eat fatty meats, cheeses and cream sauces without suffering the most serious consequences. Preliminary results have found cholesterol levels of LDL -- the so-called "bad" cholesterol -- that are much lower than those of most Italians, and HDL levels -- the so-called "good" cholesterol -- that are much higher." Their family members, who moved to the US, had significantly higher incidents of illness.

I am not anti-western medicine, but I do think that we need to introduce naturopathy as a "complimentary" discipline in medical schools. There is so much arrogance within the medical community and it is costing us our health. We also need to allow more time for testing of drugs...they are more potent now because the market demands a "quick fix" to every ailment.

I am not a believer in the "pill" mentality of most Western medicine. And no single natural remedy is a magical cure either. That is why a holisitic approach to health is most beneficial: diet, exercise, clean air and water.... The difficult thing for most Americans is the "maintenance" of health. Most natural approaches take time and persistence. Whereas we "perceive" that popping a pill is so much easier. I often wonder how many people even ask their doctors about a new Rx or do research online....it is frightening.

There are complaints that natural supplements do not go through the scrutiny of the FDA trials. I have noticed so many TV ads for recalls and lawsuits for FDA approved prescription medications. Several years ago drug companies started pushing bone density drugs on post-menopausal women. Now I understand that many of those drugs actually cause brittle bones and other side effects such as "jaw death" which the drug company describes as "dental problems." Same with some of the Alz. drugs.

Also, we need to be good consumers as we are in every other area of our lives. Ask your doctor about any new Rx and don't let them load you up with "samples" that they received from the drug companies. Research the side effects (if one of them is "may cause death" pass on it.) Decide if the benefits outweigh the risks. And look for natural alternatives.

I am especially interested for my Mom who has PD tremors...coconut oil seems to show promise there as well. As with any remedy, natural or not, it may work for some and not for others. But, it is definitely worth investigation.

Here is another resource that I have used for many years: "Prescription for Nutritional Healing, Fifth Edition: A Practical A-to-Z Reference to Drug-Free Remedies Using Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs & Food Supplements" by Phyllis A. Balch. It has been my health and nutrition guide and was recommended by my naturopath when I lived in the west. It is especially great for minor illnesses that docs don't even want to deal with.

The reason that we do not have a "vocabulary" when it comes to natural remedies is because there is no profit motive in it. Wellness would just put too many people out of business. ;o)
coconut oil is good for many things . i am a true believer on that ,
theyre good for dry skin . fungus in toe nails . dad has very dry skin on his face , it helps soften the skin , i do put some oil in his scramble eggs and along with his food . easier to have bm too . it is great for many things .
my cat has had ear mites , i put some of it in his ear , vet was so concerned cuz he couldnt find any mites . lol .
if it works for the elders then shall keep elders on it . :-)
linda...glad you mentioned the kittys...my pup has had skin allergies forever and just scratches constantly. I read where coconut oil works for pets. I hope it works for him because the Vet's solution is always cortisone shots...ugh...

I was telling my Mom about coconut's use for PD tremors and it's laxative side effects. She said, "great, I'll kill two birds with one stone!" heh, heh
lili-ur mom is a smart lady ! lol .
oh u shall try that on ur pup . save ya bunch vet bills .
i just put some of it on dad s feet , massages it , ahhh feels good . he says .
off to the store now . xoxo
My 100 year old grandfather has improved cognition and a better personality when he eats a tiny bit of coconut oil each day. However, these improvements fade if he stops eating it for a month.
tptop, I am so glad to hear that it is helping your grandfather. I know that we would never risk taking Bruce off the coconut oil as long as we are able to buy it.
How do you dispense it and how much each day? Does it taste like coconut?
My moms face and scalp is so dry I hope this helps. But also internally she does have some tremors occasionally which I blamed on breathing treatments.
Can you put it in oatmeal and how much? This is very interesting.
You can use it just as you would use butter or oil. The cheaper cold pressed kind is flavorless but the virgin coconut oil tastes wonderful, just like eating coconut. It doesn't need to be refrigerated, and becomes very hard when chilled. At room temperature it is like butter but if it gets warmer than 75 f it turns to clear liquid.
I give my husband at least 3 tablespoons a day in his food. If he starts feeling shaky he takes more.
My mother has advanced Alzheimers and I too have noticed improvement when I put coconut oil in her food. If only she'd eat more food! After reading other people's experiences I think I will start increasing her intake. And maybe use it on her skin instead of the Neem Leaf oil, which while good, isn't very long lasting and smells kind of strong.
PCVS, Putting it on her skin is a good idea. Also, if your mom eats chocolate take some coconut oil and add some cocoa and a bit of maple syrup to it. Spread it out like a chocolate bar on some wax paper and refrigerate it until hard. It's really tasty and healthy too. Let me know if this helps.

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