Caring for Grandma. Can she pay me to be her primary caregiver?

My 86 year-old grandmother moved in with us last July. She had been diagnosed with dementia/Alzheimer's as well as bipolar disorder. I gave up my job to be able to stay home with her since doctors said she should no longer live alone. Of course this has left us financially unstable. We live in Mississippi. My grandmother has some money in the bank. Is it allowable for her to pay me since I am her primary caregiver as well as POA? I do EVERYTHING for her.

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If you have financial POA, you are the boss. Your grandmother has placed her complete trust in you to do the right thing for her. Keep records of transactions. Also be mindful that if she ever requires federal assistance, they may want to revisit transactions. Do what is right and you will be just fine.
Thanks for the comment. I'm really glad to have found this site, if for any reason, the moral support. I dread the day we have to deal with requesting federal assistance. From what I have read, it's a nightmare!

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