Caregivers Dementia. How do I keep my own memory strong in so much stress?

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Caregiver's Dementia. I recently heard this phrase. It is SO applicable. How do I keep my own memory strong in so much stress?

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so so true. i find i foreget a lot of things just because i am stressed and my focus is elsewhere most of the time. it is sad and funny at the same time - because sometime a foreget to give mom what she needs and i need to ask her a few time what is it that is wanted. i go into a room and just look around not remembering what it was that i came there to get.
Yes, some days I'm so tired and stressed that I feel like I'm the one starting to have short term memory problems, or even dementia! No one can believe how stressful caregiving can be until they do it.
My great grandmother, grandmother and mother all suffered from dementia. Now I am forgetting what i am talking about as I talk. Like someone just turned me off. I feel like throwing up all of the time and my mind never stops stressing. maybe all of that work churning over questions in our minds burns up glycogen and our brain starves...which is the type of dementia all of them had... so is that why doctors ask if the patient suffered any abuse? Is there a big link between stress and dementia? Is helping them hurting us and our families permanently?
Only the daughters that took on the care of the mother ended up with dementia. The other sisters did not. Sounds like a doctorate theisis to me.

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