Can my brother make my mom move to CA?

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My brother is the power of attorney for my mom with dementia. He wants to move mom to CA with other siblings but my mom doesn't want to go.

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hard one- my mom wanted to die in her home- newark ca. i wanted her to move in with me-modesto- my brother was there but worked and they didnt get aong- you know the son that never left- she was lonely -no friends. didnt drive and he didt take her anywhere, stopped buying her cigs. and soda, liverwurst-things she loved- but one day she said i want to live with you- and started packing, i couldnt prove ne4glect. she wouldnt admit it and brother pretended everything was fine- so if she is being neglected and has demetia- she does not know what is best for her. my mom cant even remember me or my brother, so in the long run it might not matter. good luck
What is the alternative if she doesn't move to Ca? Would she move in with you?

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