Can a senior qualify for Medicaid if they receive Medicare?

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Absolutely. When a Medicare beneficiary begins receiving Medicaid benefits they are dubbed "Dual Eligibles". Dual Eligibles have an incredible benefit set as follows:

1. Medicare continues to be their primary insurer. They are free to go to any provider that accepts Medicare. They are not limited to "Medicaid Docs".

2. If they have a Medicare supplement or a member of an HMO or other Medicare Part C plan that insurer or plan is the secondary insurer.

3. Medicaid is now the Tertiary insurer picking up that which the first two do not.

Dual eligibles also receive have their Part B Medicare premium paid, their Part D Rx premium subsidized, Rx co-pays go to $1 and $5 with no "donut hole".
Thankyou for this, no one ever told me this all agencies had me beleiving my mom did not qualify because of her monthly income, (is it true if she gets $2,180 amonth she does not qualify for medicaid)

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