Can I make the decision to place mother in nursing home when my sister says no?

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My sister still works full time and tries to get anyone she can to keep mother, including her husband who is at his wits end with it. I can't keep her either, she is so much to deal with. She is 96, dementia, blind and doesn't know anyone anymore or who she is. She is never content, and continually asks for things to be done for her. My sister is the fudiciary but do I have any legal right to make decision for her to go to nursing home?

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Would it be possible to have your Mother's doctor talk to your sister or if you have an inhome healthcare provider. In home usually has social workers that are very good at assisting families with long term options. You could also contact your local office on aging or senior services for legal recommendations.

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Does someone have Medical POA (health care proxy)?

Does Mother have an advance health directive? Often that document names the person who can make medical decisions when the person cannot make them herself.
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To expand on what Jeanne wrote, if your sister also has the medical POA, she can make the decision for your mother to remain at home. However, she cannot make other people's decision to care for her. If people feel they cannot care for your mother, your sister will need to make arrangements for someone to come in.

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