Can I get paid to take care of my elderly parent? I need to be working because of bills that are getting out of hand.

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well i was just told that her doc has to say that she needs full time care= and be put on hospice and has only 1 year to live- then go to ihss in home supportive services and they have paperwork to fill out - the max is 96 hrs. by the way how long have you been taking care of parent- do they have assets etc. where did you used to work- good luck
I need help also caring for elderly parent. Taken care of mother ( alzheimer's)since January,my father passed away in April. I have been on Family leave since April working about 15 hours a week ( offet my health insurance) . I am going to have to give up my job and will have no income . Is there some way I can get paid something for care for my mother. She can not be left alone and she will not go to day care She is more comfortabe in her own home. Help!

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