Can I get paid for taking care of both of my parents?

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Can I get paid for taking care of both of my parents,dad is 89 diabetic and my mom is 83 arthritis neither want to go to the home.

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My dad had Alzheimer's and needed constant care and supervision. My mother retired early to be his primary caregiver. We found that our insurance companies (Michigan) would not pay her for her time and services, nor supply any monetary trade for family members who wanted to be his caregivers. Funny enough, they WOULD pay/reimburse us to bring utter strangers into our home to dispense the caregiving. I still find this insulting and totally backward.

So, forced to turn outside for help, the caregivers hired to help us robbed us, melted down my parents' wedding rings and $50K in jewelry for a mere $900 cash! - they are now spending 2 years in prison. Only in this temporary emergency situation of needing instant support once the thieves were fired did the insurance company approve a nephew to be paid for one month of caregiving (while on holiday break from college) to allow us to come up with our next plan - which was an assisted living home.
I am infuriated with this situation as well. Well, I was...I have given up trying to be paid more than a pittance. The reasons for family members not being allowed to be paid are...fraud, inexperience, not licensed/insured.

The county, who has estate conservatorship over mom, did allow me as 24/7 caregiving) to live in her house rent free with food (utilities, TV cable, etc.) and get $10 day. That took a court order. After years of me going it alone, they finally agreed to get Mom (MOM, not ME) a 4-hour day caregiver...and they probably pay the AGENCY $20 HOUR. So, I get $10 DAY, no medical/dental (lost 6 teeth so far), no vacations. No FULL 24 hours off. They have me in a slavery position, actually.

The states are slashing home caregiver and disabled services by the bucketload. Oh, and the deadbeat thieving sisters get just as much inheritance as I do, if there's anything left. Mom is reverse mortgaging her way through the house.
how do i get into home care for my moms

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