Baby boomers, when did it become 'normal' to worry about other boomers dropping dead when they live alone?

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What I've noticed since finding this website, is that MANY people on here are baby boomers like me. When did it become 'normal' (or maybe it's just me) to worry about other boomers dropping dead when they live alone? Take my neighbor for instance, he's been widowed for 3 years maybe and REALLY close to my age. I was asking my husband last night, how would I know if he fell and broke his face or something and needed 911? I think about myself even though I'm in pretty good health for a boomer, I'm alone every other day while my hubby is away working. What if he came home and found me dead in our bed? When did THAT become normal to think about?? When did it become 'normal' (or maybe it's just me) to worry about other boomers dropping dead when they live alone? I think about my sister-in-law who's barely younger then me, alone while my brother-in-law is gone for a week at a time. What about her dropping dead alone in her house? Oh my gosh, when did this happen? When did I get so old to have to think of this stuff? Who on earth thought of this stuff when they were in their 20's? Well anyway I was just wondering if anyone else besides me have these random weird thoughts. I tell ya, getting old is NOT for sissies.

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I've been wondering the same thing too. I keep thinking, "I'm too young to feel so old." I have figured out that it is a bi-product of caregiving. I have been "steeped" in elderly things for so many years that has given me too much awareness. When you are constantly bombarded with hospital visits, advocating with medical staff, doing paperwork, and all the other "nitty-gritty" elements of caregiving that is all you know. So you start to feel old before your time.
I keep thinking that I need to rejoin the "living." My parents did not dwel on these things when they were my age. They were vibrant, active people who never expressed a worry about aging or death. But, then again, they haven't gone through what I have. My Mom has many more serious medical problems than any of my grandparents.
I think the key is to engage in activities that have nothing to do with aging or caregiving. That's my plan for now.
Also, we have to remember that we are living in a much more "youth fixated" culture than what we were raised in. Even though we are living longer as a society, rampant ageism treats people, who are only in their 50s, as "old." And it has a seriously detrimental impact on employment, entertainment, social interactions, etc. (just look at the cosmetic surgery industry) Ageism isolates and seems to be last acceptable form of bigotry.
i just hope i die in bed sleeping . that way im not hurting anybody . my biggest fear is i drop dead while driving ! or drop dead while carin for pa . lord ! i pray that it doesnt happen , told lord if he is to take me just wait till im in bed sleeping .
my 22 yrs old nephew went to work one morning and parked his car and shut it off and slump over and died . natural causes they say ,. i just glad that it didnt happen while he was driving .
i know i ll be strong and keep going and prob outlive everybody , just my luck :-) ..
if youre worried about the neighbor u shall go everyday and knock on his door , i bet he will apprecaite u lookin after him .
keep us caregiver strong lord . xoxox
After my mom's death my sister and I worry about our dad falling or dropping dead when he's alone at home. Us girls are the ones that think of this stuff, I guess it never occurs to our brother. Sis calls dad every single day to check on him, and when she can't reach him for an hour she sends me to find out is he's okay. I live within a mile of him, so I'd have to be the one that finds him dead. I tell her thanks a lot! This I understand since he's 85 stinkin' years old, but wondering about keeling over at my age? Lilli I think you might be right, it may be the whole care giving mode I've been in for a few years now that makes me think of this stuff. I can't call every single person I know that's my age and living alone, that is not practical I guess. I just wondered if anyone else who's in the 'boomer' age bracket thinks of this stuff.
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I don't know here... Don't you know enough about your own health to know the odds of whether or not you're going to drop dead suddenly? Anyone can get killed anytime -- trip down a stairs, hit by lightning, traffic, etc. -- but to dwell on that?? If anything, caring for my parents (who never did anything right concerning their health, and are now paying for it), has shown me that I'd better eat right, exercise, and pay attention to my health!

Beside, what can you do it if it IS "your time" to keel over dead? What I fear most is being half-dead. A maiming injury or stroke...

With all the other worries in our lives, I don't worry about my own death. I'm doing all I can to prevent that, and if that's not enough, I can't worry any more once I'm dead, can I?

..Getting back to worrying about the icky "surprises" I find in their laundry... I'm fine.
One thing I do know is I don't wanna live to be so old i can't do much of anything. Maybe that's wrong but it's how I feel. I see obits all the time for people in their 50s and 60s and younger. And then there are the ones who live to be 104 or something. Nothing makes sense to me about it. I don't read them very often since Mom passed. I know it's not good to obsess about anything. But yes, Naheaton, I think of stuff like that. I worry that I might have a stroke or get into a car wreck or if something were to happen to my husband or another member of my family. I was with my MIL when she passed and with my mom but asleep when she passed. I think care giving and going through the death of a loved one definitely changes you. Death becomes so real.

If anything happens to my husband I'm screwed, cause he's the sole bread winner in our family. I don't even want to go there! ha.
i have heard that people talk about dyin al the time , sure enuff they get thier wishes . my bro always said one day at a time . dont worry about tmr . make the best of it today , yesterday is history .
i always count my blessing that i am able to get up and move around . even count my blessing that i still have my back , ow ow ow .
yes if anything happens to my hubby i am too screwed , guess i ll have to find me a sugar daddy ! NOT !!! lol
And what's with this, can't remember anything anymore? My husband thinks they're putting something in our water to make us more forgetful (he wishes) when did that happen? With my mother-in-law forgetting what I tell her every few minutes, I feel like I'm living in the twilight zone. When did this become 'normal' behavior to walk into a room and have NO idea of why you're there? How many places can my hubby set his stinkin' eye glasses down and forget where he put them? Give me a break already. Is this all part of the getting old thing, or are our brains so busy with busyness that we can't remember anymore?
naheaton, I am going through the same dang thing. Some I blame on my meds, some on getting older, some on possible attention deficit disorder, and some on having too much on my mind. Don't much like it at all.
I can barely concentrate on living, much less worry about dieing..and I am sure I will go out in a blaze of embarrassing glory, like taking a nose dive on the candy isle at Walmart, my pockets full of stolen M&M's that I didn't remember stealing, that would be the day I choose or forgot to wear underwear, or the underwear is in my pocket with the M&M's, dirty underwear I'm sure. It will be ugly but very memorable..

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