At what time does the decision of enforcing power of attorney in order to protect the finances of a parent?

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I don't think forced POA is a possibility. Seems they have to grant permission, and retain individual power to act in their behalf, regardless of lacking judgment. Do you mean Conservatorship?
I suppose that might be what we need. Two of us 4 siblings have legal rights in the case of our dad, but as I said before, it would never fly in court because my dad has a memory like a herd of young elephants. The drug addictsd he brings home tho, are draining him of his savings. What can we do???
Encourage your dad to consult an expert in the field of elder accounting. This may cost money but he will be able to rely on a neutral party to handle his affairs and can get the moochers out of his hair once the flow of money is cut off by an accountant.
Good luck!
Thank you for the input, but at this point my father is the only person who thinks he can handle his affairs, the only person who can call the shots and this is only the start of a very long stream of conflict. He wants no help other than myself leaving my home and family life to move in and care for him. This entails my giving up my life indefinitely. I can relate to his not wanting to leave his home, it is his dream, but I am living my dream of having a farm and lifestock and leaving it to return to a busy city life thick with suburbs, concrete and traffic. We each care about our father and want his safe and well cared for, his refusal to join any of us in our home, settle into an assisted living home near us or in his own neighborhood, all remain negated. At 93 he deserves a contented life, but should he not be willing to see our lives go unscathed to some degree?
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You can only do as much as he will allow you to do. Is the money an issue for you? In other words, are you upset about the drug addicts in your dad's life getting his funds? The best thing is to report to your state's agency, Adult Protective Services, then also to begin guardianship/conservatorship proceedings. A guardian can be appointed by the court--it doesn't have to be you. Then you can see your father as often as you want but not move from your home. Those decisions become tough--your family or him? Try to compromise and live up to your and his expectations of being a good person.
This has not been helpful. I would like to know n actual answer to this question. Long lost reletives are taking advantage, financially, of my fater in law. He pais all expenes for them and their children and grand children to travel all over the world, which he does not do for jis own children and grandchildren. Those people and their daughter and son in law are all users on all of his credit cards but his own children and grandchildren are not. Those people do not work collect retirement and public assistance, wheras his own children and grandchildren are working hard just to get by. Everyone sees the abuse but him. In the begining he said he thought they were only after his money, now he says they saved his life. The reletives are very manipulative people and the more we try to tell him, the more he gives them money. We have tried to get him to move here which he finally agreed to, but he doesnt want to spend the appropriate means to accomodate the living conditios for himself to live here, but gave the reletive overseas money to add a room onto his house because they wanted it for themselves. He has bought them a car etc. How do we stop this abuse????? He is convinced by them now that he should want to do all of this for them so he does, even his own sister has no influance with him anymore . The reletive has turned him away from most of his family, but i refuse to be pushed away, but the reletive knowsthat my father in law will put him and his family first. Again what can i do? Is there some way i can put some alert out there to keep them from entering the country to prevent more manipulation by these people????
If he is competent and does not want to press charges, there is not much you really can do because he must be willing to press charges.

If he has been declared incompetent by a doctor, you can file for guardianship and take over.
I have a POA in place on my mother and my step sister is trying to get one to over ride mine. Can this happen?
Your sister can only get one if your mother chooses to revoke yours. Plus, she needs to be competent to do so.Your sister cannot give one to herself for only your mother can.
How many different posters are on this thread. Need to go back to ASK A QUESTION and start individual threads. This is getting confusing.

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