At my Work experiance there was an old guy who i worked with, and i keep seeing him in bushes everywhere how do i get him to leave me alone?

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He's 88 and lives in a care home but somehow he manages to ecape and follow me EVERYWHERE i've told the home but he won't leave me alone what do i do??

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If he's harmless, I wouldn't worry too much....but seems the residence where he stays would be interested in keeping him from wandering...
That's creepy. I would tell the residence hall you may need to speak with the police.
I agree with WitsEnd. Even though chances are he's harmless, I would talk to the residence and tell them that you intend to speak with the police if they do not find ways to keep him from wandering.
After that, the residence place should be on top of it. God forbid if they are liable for him getting hurt.

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