JoeOgan1 Asked August 2011

Can an assisted living facility raise their prices if they aren’t doing anything different?


I live in Aegid of Aptos, Ca. Every year they raise prices often for things they do not do. Is there any recource other than moving that I can take

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bebe10 Aug 2011
What does your contract with them say? Are there things that the family might provide that could lower the costs?. I used to buy the depends, etc. It was much cheaper. Do they provide the meds? You can often get the dose lowered or changed to generic. Stay involved and ask to see the statements and call it to their attention if you are being billed for something that was not received. Speak with a social worker or someone who can perhaps help you get a better break. And I like what Lillliput said...they do not want a high turnover...bad for business! So a little talk with the Director might be the answer. Blessings!
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toadballet1 Aug 2011
Speak to the director and let him/her know that your parent cannot afford the increases every year and may have to move. The last thing they want is an empty room and they are often rewarded for retaining current residents. They do not want a lot of turnover - it doesn't "look good" for their marketing. They may ask you to write a letter.
good luck
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