Are there any gov't (state or federal) programs that can help financially when a child needs to take of an aging parent that isn't "sick" ?

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My Mom isn't sick but needs someone there to do everyday things,that due to her age, she cannot do for herself. I need to be there with her for "safety" but can't just quit my job to do so.....HELP !!

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Thanks Scarlet - I was thinking the same thing. That's a good article.
jdurham, try this article, you may find some useful information on programs that will help you:
Many times an adult child can become the paid caregiver. Check with your local Area Agency on Aging. take care, Jaleyn
Local Area Agency on Aging ??? WHO do I call ???? Is this a state or federal agency ??
try a visiting nurses association too - some of them have great programs with day care and home health aides AND if you can get your mother's doctor to write a prescription for a nurse service, insurance will cover it

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