Are there any Legal Aid Societies Dedicated to our needs as Caregivers?


Does anyone know of any Legal aid that we as caregivers can work with? My particular story is long and ugly, but basically, My sister, who is execuror of my father's astate, is witholding Information about his estate, as well as money from his account and other places despite his very clear will that divides everything equally among the three of us. She has gone so far as to lie about his assets and is unaware that I have requested and recieved proof of this from the court itself. She will not give our Estate attorney (or other attorneys involved) permission to speak with me, and the court tells me my only recourse is to hire my own attorney.
I am Sole caregiver for our 83 yr.old Mother with dementia, I get no financial or other kind of support from Sister OR brother (they never even call) and the money that I know is there and was meant for me would come in very handy. I have contacted a NY Probate atty, but He needs a retainer that I cannot afford right now to do anything. Help?

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I suggest the National Academy of Elder Law Attorney's as a starting point. The Web site is
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Thanks! I'll give a try.
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