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Are doctors overprescribing medical tests and medications?


I have always suspected that doctors were getting a little too "happy" with over-prescribing tests and meds for their patients - particularly the elderly. I was at my dentist's office this week and the hygenist shared with me that her grandmother is on 25 different medications! I think that this is not only negligence but abuse. How can the human body synthesize that many drugs without some detrimental effect on the body?

Anyway, I found this great article the other day that really confirms what I had always assumed:

If you think that your elder is being given too many meds or, worse yet, invasive tests....speak up...ask questions...and, if you don't feel comfortable with the answers, switch docs. There are great doctors out there who know how to treat seniors and they take the least invasive path...

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musiclover Jul 2013
Whenever I take my grandma to the hospital ER because she is severely agitated, doctors always want some major tests done each time, (CT scan, MRI, chest x-ray) even though she had the same ones last year and the year before and nothing new was found. They only sedate her with Ativan or an anti-psychotic and send her home. The hospital doctor even asked "What would you like me to do?" Most are clueless about how to take care of elderly with delusions and anxiety.
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pamela6148 Mar 2010
Lilli in my moms case, I don't think they're prescribing enough. We always have to ask moms Doctor for a specific medication.

I think it's time for mom to take a little something for her memory but I've got to start reading up on that.
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toadballet1 Mar 2010
Another informative site:
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