How can I get my elderly father with prostate cancer and signs of Alzheimer's to wear depends?

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This is a tough issue many people face. Elders think of incontinency pads as diapers and can live in denial about their problems. It's easy to understand why they do, but hard to cope with from our standpoint.

The only suggestion I can think of is to try to find different styles and keep telling him that this happens to many people and you just want to save him embarrassment and make him more comfortable about going out in public.

Good luck with this. Please let us know how it goes.
I think it is important that Your Dad understand they are not diapers. The underwear type really feels no different then regular underwear, and they aren't made of the loud plastic and are not thick, and visually noticable. My Grandmother is very modest, and when she started wearing these, they were very cumbersome, (elastic with buttons, plastic, noisy, had a smell). Luckily alot has changed in this market, and the underpants are a great solution. Buy the name brand DEPENDS, as they are good quality, don't buy a generic brand at first. After they become comfortable with Depends then you try cheaper brands. This is all my Grandma Wears now, much easier for the family helping her to the restroom.
I would ask your father if he likes going to the bathroom in his pants. If he doesn't, suggest that he try the DEPENDS. Even if he can't give you a definitive answer, suggest that he try the DEPENDS. I found that the SUPER PLUS DEPENDS holds more than the EXTRA ABSORBENCY DEPENDS. My mother is very incontinent at night and we use the SUPER PLUS at night and the EXTRA ABSORBENCY during the day (when she can hold it more). Hope this helps. :)

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