Anyone else dealing with situational depression as well as Bipolar II and feels their meds are not working?

Situational depression is something most people encounter in their lifetimes. For someone like me with bipolar depression anyway, it has made it seem like meds aren't working anymore. I asked my psychiatrist for some wellbutrin which he gave me but it is not enough. He refuses to gvie me more out of fear of triggering mania which is stupid since I'm bipolar II which is the depressive kind. My therapist thinks I need more anti-depressent also. I've now found a new psychiatrist and will see him March 23rd.

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These medications are tricky, and getting the right dose of the right antidepressant can be so hard. We're thinking of you Crowemagnum, as you go through this. I've witnessed this but no directly had to go through it.

Take care,
My husband has been diagnosed vas dementia, intermittent delirium...He has had strokes, still talks but is totally bed ridden....he has no bowel or bladder control...He is also 380 lbs....He is on cymbalta 90 mg. per day, heart meds, coumadin....and ambilify and aricept. He has begun having dellusions again....and some days he is maniac, or what I consider manic, will call every 5 minutes for whatever reason...just to nights he won't sleep over an hour without waking and calling out for the same sort of reasons...too hot, too cold...Sleeping meds do Not work when he is in this's about to drive me and the help NUTS.....anything?
My close family member's depression did not respond well to only antidepressant therapy and counseling (zoloft, ). Please consider speaking to your doctor about Lamictal ( a mood stabilizing medication that has less side effects that Neurontin and other mood stablizers. ) With Lamictal and Zoloft together, plus therapy, he recovered. He was weaned off Zoloft and stayed on Lamictal for a year or two. Sometimes you just stay on it. It kept him from dropping into a depression and kept his mood more stable . Get a light box, light therapy and use it especially starting September when the sunlight starts to decrease. It definitely helps. Use high dose omega three oils. Get Nordic natural. Lamictal and neurontin are really used for seizures, but have this strong mood stablizing effect and Lamictal would certainly be something to consider.
Find a doctor who is familiar with this medication. I have a doctor in New york city if you are interested. There is hope, but the antidepressants did not help alone. He was diagnosed as Bipolar 2 as well. Good luck.

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