Anyone can suggest a home remedy for senior adult bedwetting? She is a diabetic too, but blood sugar level is under control....

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I was washing Mom's bedclothes every day, even though she wore pull up diapers every night. She only weighs 102, but sure can produce a ton of urine in her sleep! Even monitoring what she drank didn't help. Since she sleeps 12 hours most nights, I would have to get her up 2 or 3 times and make her go. Now I have a supply of bed pads that hospitals use, and I line her diaper with an overnight pad besides. We have finally not had to wash bedclothes or night wear on a daily basis. However the diapers do weigh quite a bit by morning, and she still has to relieve herself as soon as she wakes up. I don't want her taking anymore meds than she needs, so this is my solution for now. Good luck!
dont give her anything to drink after 6 pm . it seems to help my father but of course he still wets himself or wakes up at 2 am every morning . but helps by not wakin up every hour needing to go bathroom haha .
I am having the same issue with my grandmother. She can not go all day then at night she has to go every two hours. She drinks very little water during the day usually just enough to swallow pills. She doesn't have diabetes. I have no idea where all the urine comes from. She sleeps fine me not so much.
First speak with her doctor or a urologist. Perhaps there is something they can think of. Also the medications could be doing this. My father takes flomax and my mother took lasix and they both went to the bathroom a lot. Perhaps there is some kind of bag that could be attached at night and removed in the morning to control the urine. I currently use a waterproof mattress cover, chucks and sometimes pull ups.
My mother-in-law, 78, has Alzheimer's Disease (AD). She, too, has been having bathroom accidents either in her bed or in the bathroom. I am getting to the point where I am considering getting a HHA/CNA in here at night, because I can't stay up every night to monitor her. I have been doing laundry daily almost every day since May, 2009. We took her to a Urologist--he put her on Enablex--she still has bathroom accidents. I've had to put a waterproof pad down on the chair she sits in every day, because some mornings I find her bare-butted there instead of in her bed. Sometimes, she can't even make it to the b/r toilet in time and goes on the b/r floor. Then, not only do I do the laundry, then the b/r floor needs cleaned up. She won't drink much water during the day except to take her pills with, so I have to give her additional water to keep her skin from getting sunken in. We have tried limiting the fluid intake after 6 pm, but that doesn't seem to help. I still have to do laundry every day practically. I even have waterproof pads from the hospital, and a zippered waterproof mattress pad, still doesn't help.

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