Alzheimers or Parkinson's Desease?

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Now taking care of my dad 72. Having two strokes; 2005 and Sept 2010. The damage from Sept that has affected him left him having seizures. Im wondering, is it Parkinsons?? Has Dementia progressed to a level I dont understand? Are the medicines just because the doctor says take this?? Do I believe them or rely on the closeness I have with the soul of this man?? He didn't have seizures before 9/2010.. But he did have a stroke..

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Very often folks with Alzheimer's disease can have seizures. AD is a disease that effects the brain. Literally the brain is shrinking. has wonderful pictures of what is happening to the brain. One of the reasons to see a neurologist is because they can have seizures. Is he on medication? Be sure that he takes the medication. The medication needs to be at a certain level in his system to be effective. Take care, J

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