Has anyone seen a correlation between Alzheimer's and Dementia and not liking food anymore?

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Mom has middle stage dementia and never really had a big appetite. But now she doesn't like any food at all. Either the ice cream is too hard or the water has too many ice cubes in it or EVERYTHING is "horrible and doesn't taste right." Does anyone have any experience with this? Obviously no amount of my coaxing and saying the food really is good helps at all. I am not sure if it's due to general complaining about everything which seems to go hand in hand with my mom's dementia or if it's really a taste bud issue. Any thoughts?

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I've been told by the nurses at the alzheimer's care facility that loss of appetite is very common with alzheimer's and dementia. They lose their sense of taste, and usually the taste for sweet things is the last to go. My Mom who is in the last stages of alzheimer's has certainly followed that path.
Thanks. I wasn't sure if this was biological or just a difficult personality issue!
yes...things she would never eat she likes now, and some things she use to like she doesnt now. Sweets are always a huge hit with her. It is constantly changing.
My 90 yr-old mom, w/ AD/dementia, had a sudden decline in her behavior. We got her into a gerontologist; he stopped her thyroid med (indicated by blood work), Aricept, and cut Namenda to 1x/day. WHAT a difference! She's sleeping all night, not combative or agitated, AND eating lots better. He said she had Thrush in her mouth which might have explained her saying the food/water didn't taste right or good. (even thought we were poisoning her!) We got her some acidolphilus for that; wanted to avoid more meds if possible. She'll prob have to take small amt of thyroid med again, but not like before! She's even back to wanting ice cream more often, her fave...and she forgot she doesn't like tuna fish! ;-)
Namenda has a bad bad track record of causing combativeness and aggressiveness.
One of the symptoms of Lewy Body Dementia is loss of the sense of smell. That can have a big impact on taste of food and on appetite.
My mother is on Donepezil for dementia. One of the many possible side effects is loss of appetite. My mother will eat, but no mater how little we put on her plate she says it is too much. She says she eats because she has to not because she wants to.

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