How do you get dental work and eye exams when the patient with Alzheimer's doesn't understand what is happening and does not cooperate with the doctor?

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This is tough. You may want to read the article Eye, Ear, Teeth Check-ups Are Difficult When Elders Have Dementia at Some dentists and eye doctors are able to do a type of exam, but when the elder physically fights them, it's hard. Sometimes, you can't really do much. My dad's eye glasses needed replacing, but we had to keep the old prescription. The same with his dentures. We do what we can, and sometimes we can't succeed. Take care,
you can't,they tried to do that with my mother-in-law and she gave them a hard just have to let it go,or they get really upset
My mom wears dentures but I think she forgets she is wearing them. She refuses to take them out and sometimes her breathe smells......When I try to get her to go to the dentist she also refuses saying she isn't having any problems.....She does have dementia but is pretty much aware of what is going on and gets very stubborn. Her night time caregiver tries to get her to brush more and take her teeth out but usually its a fight........not sure what to do either........ Good Luck.

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