Where can you find Affordable housing on Social Security Disability benefits?

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I want to discuss affordability of an apartment on fixed-income. I wamt to relocate and want to know if there are any retirement communities that will be affordable, as I receive only SS Disability benefits and have very little savings.

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I would like to move to south beach miami, I have ss and live with my mother, I have very little savings so does she, are there any relocation programs that could help us relocate?
HUD apartment search: http://www.hud.gov/apps/section8/ or USDA Rural Development search: http://rdmfhrentals.sc.egov.usda.gov/RDMFHRentals/select_state.jsp
.menu mentioned several good websites.
In general will be no more than 30% of
Income, and some utilities includes.
There are income guidelines and if
on ss disability, you may find quite
Reasonable. You may also qualify
For some other programs. I would
Look at beneficence.org to see if you
Qualify for additional programs.
Good luck
That should be benefitschecker

I also notice this question is several years old.

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