Does anyone know how to get a copy of a will? I just found out I was named in a will from 2004 and was left some money.

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Does anyone know how to get a copy of a will? I just found out i was named in a will from 2004 and left some money. I don't know what to do. Any suggestions I need help. I'm in Ct and an estranged brother was executor of the will

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A person named in a will must get a copy. Given timeframe, probate might have happened and the will would likely be at the courthouse. Get the copy and see if you are in it and if yes, get a probate attorney or check what to do at the courthouse which might not require an attorney. Given your family situation, there might be a reason for not informing you. If you have been harmed or if you suspect inappropriate behavior by your estranged brother, see an attorney and be ready to fight if need be.
Thanks! I found out he went through probate and did not probate a piece of land she had. The land is still in her name and he is paying taxes on it! I'm waiting for the probate file. Lets see what happens next.
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Wishing you the best in your efforts. In the case of my estranged brother, he realized a piece of land, a family cemetery, had not been probated with my grandmother's will and thus was a residual to go to my father and his sister or to ??? . It was not directly mentioned in her will specifically. He converted the family cemetery into one for non family members for profit. After the conversion, he got my mother suffering from dementia related conditions to deed the land to him, and all improvements thereon conceivably various family mausoleums. Obviously, it was to make it appear legal after apparently misrepresenting his right to bury on land that he did not own. So, this piece of land, specific to my family, was never probated out of my grandmother's estate, never probated out of my father's estate or the estate of my aunt who were each to receive 50% of my grandmother's residuals. Now, what was a family cemetery intended for family is now deeded to my brother having skipped 3 probates. I share this with you to illustrate how important it is to do it right and fix things. Hope you are able to resolve prior to any permanent changes to the land and its status.

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