Aren't 24 hour shifts a form of slavery?

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I am a caregiver and I often work through an agency. Lately the only work that has been available has been 24 hour shifts that only pay 12 hours. We are required to do whatever the client asks, bring our own food. We are rarely told much about the situation and do not know hardly anything about the client before going there. Usually you can stay up to 3 days at a time. I checked and this is legal. So while they call this live in I must have another place to live on the days I am not there. There is no way to afford to pay for rent and food and other necessities on just 3 days pay so then I have to work for another agency and work 3 days for them. So I pay to rent a room I get to see 1 day a week. Not to mention the physical and emotional toll it takes.
We are desperate so we do it to survive. I love caregiving but I really hate my life!

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I don't blame you. Find another agency. Do 8-hour shifts.
So far all the agencies I have checked out are doing the same thing. I live in Orange County California. I can get some 2 to 4 hour shifts but no 8 hour.
I am a very good Caregiver but my heart is no longer in it.
Again, I don't blame you. That is a crazy way to schedule people.

Would you consider going independent?

Have you contacted Social Services? When they qualify a client for 20 hours a week or 32 hours a week caregiving services, what agencies do they use? It seems to me you'd want to find an agency that does limited time contacts, not just around-the-clock coverage.

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