How to keep disposable underwear on?

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My FIL has a leaking problem and it smells horrible even though it is a litlle. I need to convince him to wear them all the time not just during the day, if he is really wearing them then. He can't smell so he doesn't understand. Between my Mom and him I feel as though I am always wiping up P or poop.

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A dear friend of mine, whose husband wears diapers all the time, has found that the Depends with the 3 (or maybe it's 2) tabs on the side keeps the urine contained especially when her husband is lying on his side. Now getting them used on a regular basis is another story.
If you look on ebay there is a type of vinyl underwear I think that you put over whatever he is wearing or chooses to wear. Try that,. I have to pick some up for my Mom as well. I sympathize. IT stinks!
Try WalMart Assures pull-ups. (They're more comfortable, protective, and cheaper!) I used Women's Large size on my sister (125#) and put 1 or 2 Poise Pads or Super Stayfree pads overlapping in the crotch inside the pull-ups. If there was just a liffle dribble when I checked, I could wipe her clean with Cottonelle Non-disposable 80/pack wipes and have to replace only that pad which got wet.. The pull-ups have a pant that's made of gently puckered and expandable materials. Even though my sister was physically active, overflow problems were minimal. BTW, if you suspect a huge mess, the sides of Assures are made to easily tear apart at the seams for removal. Yet they will not easily tear on their own. Check and clean as necessary frequently. The fact that they pull up like pants really helps. As you most likely know, try to remind everyone to avoid any discussion of how smelly, unpleasant or difficult this changing/cleaning task is. I'd also suggest instead of using words like, "Depends" or "diapers", that you try more 'manly' terms like, "These PANTS are CONSTRUCTED/BUILT with more absorbancy to keep you dry...(or) keep you protected." Best wishes.
It's a little OT but please someone help me figure out a way to cope with mom's poop so i don't gage for 10minutes every time.
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Be prepared/have all supplies ready/opened ahead of time. Consider a 2 pronged plan; i.e., 1st, quickly remove all soiled clothes, pads, and stool, and throw all including your gloves into 2 bags---throw away, and washable/reuseable. Tie the (plastic shopping bags. 2.) Now wash your hands and don a 2nd pair of gloves to properly clean and then redress her. Try to breathe thru your mouth as much as possible. Clean Mom in a room with ventilation, a fan, open windows if possible, etc..Cooler rooms make this task a wee less yucky. Last, sucking on peppermint hard candies and/or brushing your teeth first might help also. Some people use cough drops instead which offer a little relief. But the peppermints stimulate you to work faster, mask the odor, and reduce mild GI distress. If you do become nauseated, quickly gently press an wet ICE CHILLED washcloth compress across your forehead, eyelids and temples and/or across the back of your neck. Tell yourself 1st that it will feel shockingly cold for a few seconds, but that it will bring you almost instant relief---cuz it will!

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