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American Tubs™ - Walk-in Bath Tubs

A Walk-In bath tub provides numerous advantages over the traditional bathtub, as it is the perfect solution for people with limited mobility. It is particularly useful for seniors or disabled people, as it enables easier accessibility, and safety. With a Walk-in tub, the need for stepping over the high thick edge of a traditional bath tub is eliminated. Thus, a walk-in tub prevents the risk of a possible fall and injury, and enables accessibility to some senior citizens and disabled people that would otherwise not be possible.

A walk-in bath tub also makes daily personal hygiene safe and easy, and most importantly, enables independence and privacy that are often lost with seniors or disabled people needing to bathe in a traditional tub or shower.

Walk-in tubs are significantly taller than a traditional bath tub. However, they are designed with a water tight sealed door mounted on the side of them to enable easy walk-in entry into the tub. Also, a walk-in tub has a built in seating area to allow the occupant to sit down comfortably and safely in the tub. And unlike the traditional bath tub, a walk-in tub allows the occupant to sit at a comfortable and safe height, rather than effectively on the floor, which is the case with a traditional tub. Thus the occupant of a walk-in tub can benefit from the hydrotherapy of a warm bath.

Most walk-in tubs also come with hydrotherapy water jets. So tub occupants can get the same feel and benefits of a hot tub, but instead in their own bath and bathroom, and without the maintenance needs that comes with the traditional hot tub or spa. Moreover, unlike the typical hot tub, a walk-in tub will also fit in the place of a traditional bathtub, and thus can be used daily. On the contrary, hot tubs are often located outside of the home and for seasonal use only.

So if you have an elderly parent, or you’re getting up in age yourself, take a look into walk-in tubs if you are contemplating a bathroom remodel or are designing yourself a new home. You might find that they are just the ticket for your future new bathroom

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