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"My Brother Stole Mom's Money" and Other Legal Horror Stories Caregivers and Their Elderly Parents Face

April 15, 2010, , FL – When people take on the task of caring for an elderly parent, they probably never think about the legal nightmares that might arise. Legal trouble can be quite daunting and overwhelming, leaving the caregiver feeling alone, confused and frightened.

Here are some horror stories from the message boards about the legal trouble that elderly people and their family caregivers have had:

Scams and fraud against the elderly

Elderly people are easy prey for scam artists. They tend to be too trusting, gullible, live alone and don't have someone watching over their finances.

"Dad signed his Power of Attorney over to a scam artist"

Siblings stealing from parents

It's not only scam artists who prey on elderly people's vulnerability. It could be the elderly person's own child.

"My brother is stealing money from our elderly mother"

Changing a Power of Attorney when a parent isn't of "sound mind"

Families may not think about having an aging parent appoint a POA before the elder loses the ability to make decisions.

"Mom never changed her Power of Attorney. Now she has advanced Alzheimer's and its too late"

Parents turning in caregivers for abuse

Whether it is due to dementia or spite on the part of the elderly parent, caregivers may find themselves being charged with abuse.

"My mother turned me and my siblings in for abuse"

Siblings suing the primary caregiver

When one sibling is caring for the parent full-time, siblings may suspect that the caregiver is stealing money, abusing the elder, etc.

"My siblings are suing me for taking care of our father"

Inheritances turn ugly

Some siblings may be more interested in getting their inheritance rather than using money to pay for nursing homes and quality care for the elder.

"My siblings only care about their inheritance…not mom's well-being"

Gold diggers taking advantage of elderly

Opportunistic younger men and women who look at an elderly person and see dollar signs, starting a relationship with the elder to scam money from them.

"My elderly mother is being taken advantage of by a younger man"

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