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74% of Employers Aren’t Doing the One Thing Necessary to Keep Family Caregivers on the Job

Naples, FL—As the wave of aging Americans starts to crest, the careers of many adult children are being dashed on the rocks of caregiving, and 74% of employers aren't providing these vital workers with the support they need to balance their work obligations with their family responsibilities.

"I was let go from my job. I was told ‘Your mother is a factor,' even though they said they had no other complaints about me," says one caregiver in the first ever AgingCare.com State of Caregiving survey, an online poll of more than 3,300 family caregivers that dives deep into the demographics, financial circumstances, living situations and support systems used by people caring for an aging loved one.

Nearly half (43%) of adult children say their career has suffered due to caregiving, and working women are harder hit when an aging parent needs help. Twenty-five percent of daughters had to quit their job after becoming a caregiver.

A supportive boss makes all the difference

Forty-nine percent of adult children whose employers helped them balance their work and caregiving responsibilities were able to maintain full-time employment outside the home, compared to only 29% of adult children whose bosses did not help them maintain that balance.

Adult children who felt their employers really took the time to understand their caregiving situation were also much more likely to stick with full-time employment—49% versus 31% who didn't have understanding bosses.

"An employer who cultivates a culture of support for family caregivers, and who is willing to come up with creative working solutions to accommodate the demands of caring for an older relative, will be able to retain top talent," says Joe Buckheit, president of AgingCare.com, an online resource for family caregivers.

AgingCare.com empowers working caregivers to take the lead with their employer by providing them with the information they need to help their boss better understand their role:

Additional State of Caregiving: 2015 survey findings:

  • Dementia is the most common reason an older adult needs care
  • Most caregivers are in their role for at least 3 years
  • Companionship is the most common caregiving task
  • Men are more likely to hire professional home care
  • The majority of families avoid talking about hospice
  • Moms are the most common care recipients

Read the full State of Caregiving: 2015 report

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